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Project Gallery

Dining Room Extension

This extension was recently completed in Horsham. The lounge was previously quite dark. The extension with direct access onto the garden opens up the lounge, letting in a lot of natural light. The room is now family friendly and perfect for entertaining.

Many thanks to Kate and Stephen for the great photos and feedback.

Rear Extensions

Here are two examples of current projects. The first one show a timber framed single rear extension to create a breakfast room that can be used all year round.

The second one shows a brick extension with pitched roof to create a downstairs shower room & toilet as well as a breakfast room. In the garden with have installed a surface water soak-away to stop the water from the sloping garden to infiltrate into the property as well a a wrap around style patio.

Gone are the days of the "boiling in the summer" and "freezing cold in the winter" glass conservatories...


Installing a patio in your garden can be as reviving to your house as building a new room. It can open up your home, making it feel substantially larger, more social and more accommodating all year round. Here is an example of a patio area we have created in a sloping garden in Horsham, West Sussex.

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